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How to learn stuff quickly

This comment is way less abstract than my notes on learning, but in my experience just in time learning has done wonders too.

I’ve never found anything that worked as well as:

  1. Become aware that something I’m interested in learning exists

  2. Watch and skim a bunch of videos at 2x speed around the idea of the thing (usually keynotes or videos created by the author) to get hyped up

  3. Go through the documentation’s getting started guide while following along

  4. Immediately start building something with the new thing

Treat everything beyond this as question driven development0 or basically JIT (just in time) learning.

For context the first 3 steps are usually no more than a weekend or a few days.

I do this loop all the time and it hasn’t really failed yet for learning all sorts of things (5+ programming languages, a bunch of stuff about Linux, Ansible, Docker, Vim, > Terraform, Kubernetes, video production, and the list goes on). These are learning things very quickly at a level where you can comfortably bill out freelance work or get > employed.

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